Our story

We equip entrepreneurs, schools, and organizations with printing services to help fuel their missions

You often end up somewhere when you least expect it. Right? Link Print & Promo was that for us. The desire to do what we wanted on our terms was the driving force that created Link. Our goal was to do right by our suppliers and most importantly, our clients — and to this day, we haven't strayed from that.

Almost a decade in, and we've worked on over 2000 projects spanning across 40 different industries. But at the core, our mission always remains the same — to provide service beyond your expectation. That's our purpose, and it's why we're here.

Bill Cole

Founder and President

An industry veteran with 30+ years of experience in Graphic Arts, Bill has always been an entrepreneur at heart. In 2012, he started Link Print & Promo with the goal of getting people the results and desired outcomes they're seeking. He sees himself as a relationship builder, not a salesperson.

"I'm always looking out for my customers and anticipating their challenges and clearing paths to their success. Treating people with kindness and integrity is key. It's the only way I know how to do this job."

Bill and his wife have three beautiful children and two rescue dogs! In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, playing golf and his acoustic guitar.

Favorite quote: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're probably right."

Marnie Cole

Co-Founder-Business Development & Sr. Account Executive

Marnie is an experienced entrepreneur (a lifelong one actually). She started at Link in 2018 after a 17-year career in the direct sales industry, where she grew a team of amazing women and became a director leading 30 managers. After joining Link, she quickly learned how much she loved having the independence to develop and execute her own strategy and service her clients.

She graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Interior Design and Architectural Drafting (and only used it for about a minute). While at Indiana State, she also met Bill. When she's not working, Marnie loves to spend time with her husband and 3 semi-adult children. She enjoys traveling, beaches, cooking, gardening, and shopping (if that's a hobby).

Favorite quote: "Today is the day you were given."

Our Journey

Built on Trust, Driven by Commitment

Industries Served

Commercial Development, Real Estate, Primary and High Schools, Colleges and Universities, Churches, Youth Sports, Non-Profits, Farming, Automotive, etc.

Founding Year

It doesn't seem that long ago until you remember you used the term "YOLO" or that you may or may not have learned the "Gangnam Style" dance.


We love new projects, repeat projects, and basically all projects. Our jobs are different every day and that keeps our entrepreneurial spirits happy.